It seems to me as each disaster occurs we become more numb to the next.

Our tolerance for atrocities has become higher, I feel as though we are becoming immune instead of becoming angry, of taking action.

276 girls were kidnapped from their boarding school on the night of the 14th of April from the town of Chibok in Northern Nigerian. However it took about three weeks before any sort of rescue mission came into effect, and that too was from foreign countries.

Boko Haram, the Islamist Militant group took blame for the abduction when they released a video this week, “I abducted your girls,”Abubakar Shekau declared. He also stated that he plans to sell the girls, saying that they should have been married instead of being in school.

I can’t even begin to imagine what those girls could be going through right now, if Boko Haram have no trouble massacring whole villages, it is hard to think what they would not do to these young girls. Image

My heart goes out to the mothers and families of these girls who were abducted, they believed in the protection of their government, however in their hour of greatest need they received no help.

With each passing day, the girls are getting a step further, with a three week head start the girls could have already been crossed over the border to Cameroon. or they could have been separated into smaller groups making them even harder to find.

However thanks to China, France, the US, the UK searches for the girls are under way, albeit three weeks late.

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