When Hyderabad Sleeps

The view from my room is spectacular especially at night, one of the perks of living on the top floor. The only noise left is the steady hum of the crickets and the lone rickshaw speeding away. The yells of children on the street, the blaring mosque, and the Punjabi music all goes to sleep and lays Hyderabad bare.

I have always preferred Hyderabad at night, especially the area where I reside, mostly because of the lack of noise and congestion. When everyone goes to sleep Hyderabad starts speaking for itself. The tall buildings rise above the slums and dirty streets, they rise high above and blink over the crooked inner roads and clusters of small houses. The lack of people on the streets staring at you feels liberating, and invigorating, I could dance on the streets and not have to justify any of my actions.

Then the flash and momentary glow of lighting in the distance brightens up the city followed by the gentle rumbles of thunder which are the deep snores of content of a city which is at rest. The pale stars twinkle and flicker in the distance, and remind me that I am not the only one that is enjoying the serene scene.

Sometimes it is a shame when the dark begins to pale and the stars fade into oblivion while the sun begins to rise and slowly shake the people of Hyderabad and stir up all the noise again. Image

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