Freshman 15


I used to think that Freshman 15 was a myth, something that parents and older students cooked up to scare new college students.

Newsflash: it s not!

Personally I find that staying healthy is much harder than maintaining my grades; because when I’m up late at night studying and I get hungry, I’m not likely to make a very healthy meal bursting with vegetables and protein. Oh no, I reach out for the finger licking bag of lays or the ever delicious kitkat; and as much as I want to eat a banana or bag of grapes, I simply don’t. Something inside my head blocks out my common sense and instead I opt for the temporarily satisfying forbidden fruit that leaves me guilty and bloated right after.

And then there is the problem of eating with your friends. Now is it me or does it feel like that when you decide to make a healthy lifestyle choice, everyone seems to do everything to tempt you? Last month as a new year’s resolution, I decided to go vegan for a month, and on January the 1st my friend and I went and got chicken wraps.


And that’s not where it ends, a few days after that I went to a friend’s birthday were I had to request for my own platter of food, and yes I felt like an absolute drama queen. But at the end I felt rather proud of myself despite the raised eyebrows I received, but it didn’t still make the temptation to grab the platters of prawns and chicken go away.

And then there are the awkward situations where someone orders and pays for a meal and you realize after that you’re not supposed to be eating meat. That’s when you just grit your teeth together and eat the food and possibly hate yourself after yet secretly enjoy and bask in the awesomeness of perfectly marinated and fried butter and tandoori chicken.

But I can honestly say that after the month was over I was rather surprised because it made me realize how attached I was to meat, particularly chicken and breakfast sausages. Yet it also made become really creative in the kitchen and watch what I put in my body.

However I would say that becoming a vegetarian in India is much easier than becoming a vegetarian anywhere else. Vegetables aren’t seen as a side meal but they are the meal, therefore they are prepared in a variety of ways with delectable spices that keep you wanting more or in my case, reaching for that glass of water; yet I’m glad to say that my tolerance for spices are getting much better.

Only two more years to perfect it!

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