From Friend to Parent then back to Friend

We all go through various phases in our lives; these could include point stages of behavior, fashion, and beliefs.

ImageHowever the phase every human being goes through is the relationship with their parents.

It starts when you’re a child and you never want to leave your parents side, they, in your eyes are the ultimate best friend. With them you have all the things you need; comfort, food, and shelter and a lot of the things you may want, such as toys. If you were to ask a 5 year old who their best friend was they would proudly say, ‘My mama’ or, ‘Daddy.’

But as time goes on, that certain aspect of life begins to fade and your parents no longer become a friend, but just a parent. You begin to forget the endless hours you would spend with them doing absolutely nothing, but still feeling extremely happy. The company of your friends becomes something you seek after; never sparing a thought for the parent that was once a best friend.

We begin to second guess everything they say, we no longer take their word without a moment’s hesitation but instead fight them at every point, just to prove ourselves right.

What makes us think that we, with only a glimpse of the real world would know better than someone that’s ‘been there’ and ‘done that’?

Then comes the phase when we go off into the ‘real world’ and we have only ourselves to answer to, something we always wished for. We are our own boss, no one needs to tell us to clean our room or make the bed or wash the dishes. No one is there to make us finger licking meals or make sure the bills are getting paid. That’s when we begin to miss that voice that tells us what to do and where to go, because it’s no longer a voice of anger or irritation. Yet it transforms into a voice of love, comfort and care, that voice then reminds us of the security we once felt. That voice becomes the perfect sound of home.

And just like that a parent becomes a friend again, and all you want to do is spend endless hours with them doing absolutely nothing and everything with them.

This is dedicated to a very special woman to me, on her birthday. I love you Mammy.

4 thoughts on “From Friend to Parent then back to Friend”

  1. So true…. reading this I realised that I will probably never live with my parents again, and that makes me a little bit devastated. I love my parents!

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