Rookie Aunt

I will attempt to describe the feelings that I have now that I am aunt, but I feel as though these words won’t do them any justice. ImageAll I know is that my heart seems to have swelled and that I have so much love for a small human that I barely know and have only seen in pictures.

Being the youngest of four, I never really experienced the excitement of welcoming a new child in the family. My cousins and close family friends have all had babies, but it’s an entirely different situation when it happens within your immediate family. It feels as though someone sharpened the resolution on life and doubled the brightness everywhere!

There just seems to be happiness everywhere, I no longer focus on the sadness or frowns around me, but I feel automatically drawn towards the happiness. I could honestly smile and laugh forever because that’s what love does to you; actually that’s what love does to me.

Indescribable joy, the birth of a child is the most amazing miracle of all!

2 thoughts on “Rookie Aunt”

  1. Beautiful! your joy makes me smile! i wish your baby girl all the best in the world! i cant wait to meet her 😀

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