Just a girl…


Public humiliation.

These are the words that are splattered on nearly every newspaper in India and many around the world. But I would like to throw my two cents in and just say that it’s sad. Yes there was a great injustice done, but it is just sad, that a little girl will grow up to die of rape. Imagine, rape.

Take away the media and the press. Let’s look at this young woman, age 23, studying to become a physiotherapy student. Her and her friend had seen a film and boarded a bus in Munirka and were heading back home. That’s when it happened.

I feel as though people have completely forgotten about who she is as a person. It seems as though she has been turned into a public icon, which is great, but people are forgetting the person in the icon. Let’s not forget that this young woman had aspirations and goals, she was studying to become a physiotherapist; someone that helps you recover after an accident or particularly tragic event which is usually focused in the area of mobility. She wanted to help better the lives of the people of her country, a country that she called home, and a country that she once felt safe in. But those very same people she wanted to help turned on her.

I just hope that next time people think about the Delhi gang rape they won’t forget that despite a revolution being born, a girl died that day. She may have still been breathing, but I believe her soul just, died.

And would the government of India and people around the world have began protesting and speaking out if it had been just one man? Or did there need to be 5 men involved for the world to notice what is happening?

Food for thought…


4 thoughts on “Just a girl…”

  1. Heartbreaking i must say…..no matter how much we talk, what’s done is done. all i can do now is pray for INDIA, this country needs JESUS.

  2. This post shows the girl in a different light, not just as a victim but also as human with dreams. Dream of becoming a graduate in a medical filed and contribute to the county healthcare.

    The question you raised at the end is serious. Committed by One or Many crime is a crime. I don’t know why it took so long for people to wake up for what’s happening in the country.

    Two months back a news came about 13-year-old girl being raped by father, brother, uncle for two years in Kerala http://bit.ly/UZ7UGe There was not outrage. After the news, everyone continued to business as usual. It pained me great deal then.

    Now all i see is drama. Instead of trying to solve the root cause in a society system… they play political game.

    I earnestly pray about the ones who doesn’t make it to the front page of Time of India, the ones we don’t hear about and especially the ones kept wrapped under carpet to preserve a family image at the expense of girl.

    India(men) needs a clear conscience. You can’t just walk the street with a candle, post a facebook status, tweet with hashtag without a clear conscience. I believe if India has to change its view, remove stained attitude towards women. The cleansing should start NOW. At home. In a community. At the office and in schools and colleges. By respecting each other for who we are and then spread that respect across India to all men and women.

  3. This really is such a tragic story! i am praying for her family and friends. i hope india responds to this tragedy and is able to stop and prevent other situations like this from happening. She will not be forgotten.

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