The burning candles, balls and gold ribbons it are ChristmasNostalgia. Those were my first feelings this Christmas.

Its always been church and family on Christmas day. Take away the family part and Christmas just isn’t the same. I so badly wanted to enjoy myself like I used to during Christmas, but I couldn’t shake off that feeling of well, sadness.

Despite feeling down and out of it, my first Christmas in Hyderabad was a blast, beautiful service at church, baking disasters, and dinner with people that were once strangers but have now evolved to close friends made the ache slowly fade away.

Yes, cliche as it may sound, sometimes friends are all you need. Friends remind you that family isn’t just flesh and blood, but a new face walking down the street.

6 months down and 3 and a half left before the first chapter of India comes to a close, yet I’m determined to make the most of it.